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Cancellations Policy


  • Cancelled appointments that are less than 24hour notice are subject to pay a cancellation fee and if the client wishes to reschedule, the appointment must be paid in advance.

  • Clients must keep their punctuality for the appointment. We will cancel appointments if the client arrives more than 30 minutes late & the cancellation fee will still apply.

  • We may refuse to take further appointments if you constantly miss appointments, refuse to pay fee or arrive late on multiple occasions.


Shaving / De matting / Styling


  • Severely matted pets may need to be shaved, sometimes even close to the skin for their care and wellbeing.

  • De matting is not included in the price of our grooms, thus there will be an extra charge. This is to contribute towards our extra time and the wear caused to our grooming tools.

  • Clipper burns or clipper cuts are very likely to happen. However, we will make our best not to & we will always bring your pet’s health first.

  • You may not achieve the best-looking groom on your pet, but depending on the nature of the pet condition, we will do our best.

  • When booking a cut/trim only, kindly make sure that you bring your pet clean. We may ask you to re-schedule the appointment ( Fee applies )  or we can do a full groom if there is enough time available.

  • When booking a cut/trim only, we cannot guarantee perfect styling. For best results, better to book a full groom.   


Accident & Health Care


  • We use professional grooming equipment & products. If, though, the pet suffers from any known allergies or conditions, make sure to advise the groomer, even if you notice any unusual reaction after the session. If this happens, make sure to inform us and contact your trusted Vet .

  • We keep detailed records for each grooming session. If the client or the Vet needs to know what product we used or need any other information we are happy to provide any requested information.

  • We take serious precaution and extra care to put your pet’s health first. However, in some cases accidents can happen. In this case, you will be agreeing that the groomer must inform the client and the first Vet available. Any fees related with the accident must be paid for by the client and the groomer cannot be held responsible.

  • Aggressive and very hyper pets are more likely to cause accidents during a grooming session. We make our best to keep the pets & groomer’s health & safety a priority.

  • Client must always advise the groomer if the pet have any condition, allergies or any other health condition such as recoveries or sensitive spots.

  • The groomer can stop the grooming session at any point if he/she don’t feel safe grooming the pet. Grooming charge will still apply.


Other conditions


  • I agree that my pet’s vaccines and check-ups are up to date.

  • Make sure your pet is treated against Flea & Ticks. CANCEL the appointment if your pet has any.

  • An extra fee applies if we do find any on your pet. The fee will cover a full clean-up of our salon to ensure a safe place for the following pets.

  • Clients must drop & pick their pet. We will call you 15mins before the pet is ready. No clients are allowed to stay in the salon. You can wait in the waiting area without disturbing your/other pets in the salon.

  • Clients who leave their pet for drop off / pick up must pick up their pets at their earliest. A pet sitting charge may apply if client leaves the pet more than 30minutes from being notified.

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