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These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") govern the provision of pet grooming services by La Pet Barber, hereinafter referred to as "The Groomer." By engaging our services, clients, hereinafter referred to as "The Client," acknowledge and agree to comply with the terms outlined herein. The Groomer reserves the right to modify or update these terms at any time, with the latest version being available on our website.

                         • CANCELLATION / NO SHOW 

Missed appointments and last-minute cancellations (within 24 hours) will incur a full appointment fee per pet. Whilst recognising emergencies may arise, such situations can only be accommodated on an occasional basis. The Groomer asks for your understanding and respect with regard to time as the Salon operates on a strict appointment basis only. To maintain a streamlined and punctual operation, clients are required to adhere to the designated appointment times. In the event that a client arrives more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will have to be cancelled, and the cancellation fee will then be applicable.

The Groomer reserves the right to decline further appointments for clients demonstrating persistent lateness, refusal to pay fees, or a history of repeated missed appointments. This policy ensures fairness and efficiency in our appointment scheduling process.

                          • SHAVING / DE-MATTING / STYLING

Grooming sessions for pets with matted coats demand special attention. Left unattended, these coats tighten, posing a risk of constricting or tearing the skin. In instances where a pet’s fur is severely matted to the extent that grooming would cause distress, ‘The Groomer’ retains the right to trim the coat significantly to eliminate matting and alleviate any ensuing distress. This procedure will result in a noticeable change in the pet’s appearance, with their hair shortened close to the skin. 

Upon removing the matted coat, underlying skin issues may surface, manifesting signs of irritation and sores due to the restriction of air circulation and accumulation of possible bacteria and dirt. Periodically, there may be sores, wounds, or infections necessitating veterinary attention.

‘The Groomer’ will inform ‘the Client’ of any such condition and ‘the Client’ will be responsible for any treatment and cost incurred.


Shaving / De-Matting - During the matting removal process, there is an increased risk of inadvertent nicks, cuts, or abrasions, particularly in areas with warts, moles, or skin folds. Every effort will be made to prevent such incidents, and if they occur, ‘the Groomer’ will promptly inform ‘the Client’. ‘The Groomer’ assumes no liability for issues arising from the mentioned procedure or any medical problems discovered or arising during or after de-matting. 

In the event that your pet requires veterinary care during or after the process, you as ‘The Client’, is responsible for covering all veterinary fees.


Cut / Trim Only – ‘The Groomer’ does not recommend opting for cut/trim-only appointments as it is imperative to note that the achievement of perfect styling is not guaranteed. ‘The Groomer’ strongly recommends booking a full grooming session for Clients desiring optimal styling results. This approach ensures comprehensive attention to the pet’s appearance and overall grooming experience, and our commitment to delivering high-quality standards of service.
Achieving the ideal pet styling may vary based on behaviour. ‘The Groomer’ strives to provide the best styling possible, considering individual dog temperament - See Dog Specifics

Breed Standard / Show Dogs – It is ‘the Client’s responsibility to inform ‘the Groomer’ if the pet is a show animal. Failure to advise falls with the responsibility of ‘the Client’ and ‘the Groomer’ affords no liability in an incorrect groom.


                        • HEALTHCARE & ACCIDENT


It is ‘the Clients’ responsibility to communicate any allergies or medical conditions when booking. ‘The Groomer’ prioritises pet health and well-being, with this in mind, precautionary measures can be taken during the grooming process. In case of grooming mishaps, ‘the Groomer’ is committed to promptly informing ‘the Client’ and, if needed, securing assistance from the nearest veterinary professional. Clients are encouraged to recognise their responsibility for fees related to such incidents, acknowledging that ‘the Groomer’ will not be held liable for unforeseen accidents and those of an unpredictable nature. Immediate communication ensures thorough and timely pet care.


Dog specifics - It is imperative that vital details such as aggressive tendencies, socialisation challenges, existing health issues, or the need for extended grooming time are provided when booking. 

Aggressive or hyperactive pets can pose heightened risks. ‘The Groomer’ reserves the right to use a muzzle should a pet attempt to bite and suspend or conclude sessions for everyone’s safety. 

This underscores ‘the Groomer’s’ commitment to pet safety and health and well-being. 


Allergies/Behaviour - It is ‘the Client’s’ responsibility to promptly inform ‘The Groomer’ of any unusual reactions noticed or post grooming concerns, including allergies to products. 

Swift communication ensures prompt and appropriate action.


Senior Dogs - Senior pets may require additional care. Our grooming approach is tailored to prioritise their well-being, using techniques to minimise stress and ensure as comfortable an experience as possible. 

The grooming of senior pets is completely at the client’s risk.


Pregnant Dogs - We do not offer grooming services for pregnant dogs. You’re understanding and cooperation with this policy is greatly appreciated, as it is designed to prioritise the safety and well-being of all the animals under our care. Depending on the condition of the bitch, we may ONLY be able to do a sanitary groom.


Anal Glands – We do not express anal glands, as this is a natural process for a healthy dog. If a dog is not performing this function naturally, it's advisable to consult a veterinary surgeon to identify any underlying reasons. For guidance on concerns related to your dog's anal glands, we recommend seeking advice from your veterinarian.


Double Coated Breeds – Clipping, shaving, or short scissoring double-coated dog breeds may lead to slow or even failed coat regrowth, with potential changes in colour and texture. This inherent risk should be carefully weighed before proceeding. Shaving heavily coated dogs does not help with heat relief; instead, it impairs their ability to regulate body temperature. It is strongly recommended not to clip double-coated breeds. Regular bathing, blow-drying, and grooming, focusing on undercoat removal, are advised for their coat maintenance.


Puppies - Puppies must have up-to-date vaccinations and a recent vet checkup before their initial grooming appointment. Verification will be requested, and grooming services will only be provided if the puppy has received the necessary vaccinations.


                       • PET VACCINATIONS & CHECK UPS

In adherence to our comprehensive pet care protocols, Clients are required to confirm the up-to-date status of their pet's vaccinations and routine check-ups. 

This affirmation underscores the significance of maintaining the health and well-being of pets entrusted to ‘the Groomer’s’ care.


Clients are further obligated to ensure the application of appropriate flea and tick treatment for their pets. In the event of the discovery of fleas or ticks during the grooming process, Clients may be subject to an additional fee. This fee is to cover the costs associated with the subsequent clean-up and sanitisation of our grooming salon, ensuring a hygienic environment for subsequent appointments. If additional parasites are discovered on your pet during grooming, aside from fleas and ticks, we reserve the right to halt the grooming session promptly.


                       • RATES AND SALON GUIDELINES

Rates - Regarding our booking system pricing, ‘the Client’ must be aware that these are the minimum charges that will be applied. ‘The Groomer’ will advise on consultation the actual cost of the groom. Prices can vary based on factors such as a pet’s behaviour, coat condition, grooming duration, product choices, and actual size of pet.


Waiting area - Clients are not permitted to remain in the salon, instead, they are kindly asked to remain in the designated seating area. This is deemed necessary for the safety of all involved. 

Only in exceptional circumstances can ‘the Client’ accompany their pet and must be agreed with ‘the Groomer’ when booking.

When a groom is complete, ‘the Groomer’ will notify ‘the Client’ by a phone call.


Pick-up -To maintain operational efficiency and prioritise the comfort of pets, Clients are urged to promptly retrieve their pets at their earliest. We give a 15minutes notice before the pet is ready. Any delays beyond 30 minutes post-notification may result in the additional charge of a pet-sitting fee. 

This policy is implemented to streamline operations and uphold the standards of care and punctuality within the pet grooming establishment.


Data Protection – ‘The Groomer’ reserves the right to utilise a pet’s name and any images captured during any aspect of the groom for various purposes, including media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade, or promotional materials. 

If ‘the Client’ prefer that their pet’s images not be taken or used by ‘the Groomer’, please notify when booking.

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