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*New clients are kindly requested to pay their first appointment online to be confirmed. 

*If as a new client you fail to meet the appointment, the fee is non refundable and non transferable unless we are notified 24hours or more before the time & date of the agreed appointment. 

*RETURNING clients must skip the online payment & select 'Pay Later' .
*Kindly read all T&C before proceeding.

*Online bookings are confirmed immediately. If you don't receive an e-mail confirmation, kindly contact us.

*Prices shown are STARTING FROM.

*Click the MORE  icon under each service for a detailed description.

*Appointments that are cancelled in less than 24hour notice are subject to pay a cancellation fee.

*Clients are not allowed to stay in the salon. Kindly drop off your pet & we will call you when ready.

*If your pet has any health conditions, allergies or any other issues, kindly advice.

* If your pet is BADLY MATTED, aggressive or does not stay with other dogs. kindly advise as well.

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