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The particular composition of this professional product allows multiple uses by virtue of their dilution



When the dog is wet, with a waiting time of about three minutes, it has a high detangling and knot-dissolving power.


– in water (1/10 = 2 tablespoons / liter) it works as an emollient balm.

– in water (1/50 = 1 coffee spoon / liter) it can be sprayed on clean hair during the drying phase without rinsing or in the pre-washing phase with instant detangling power.

BALM 360 contains:
• Sunflower oil, whose proteins and vitamins have an anti-oxidant and protective action that nourishes and improves skin elasticity. BALM 360 gives brightness and restores softness to the hair, facilitating its detangling action.
• Olive Oil, useful for the beauty and health of the hair, nourishes and softens it, strengthens the keratin normally present and regenerates
hair fiber. It also creates a sheath that protects it from smog and atmospheric agents, useful in case of brittle hair, because it can nourish
deep down the hair bulb by strengthening it.

Urban Dog Balm 360 500ml

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