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Suitable for the treatment of all subjects, especially those with long coats that have a felted and / or knotted hair.

Also ideal as a final touch to give the dog a shiny and soft coat.

Composed of Quaternized Cellulose with a calming and antistatic action and Argan Oil with great elasticizing and regenerating properties thanks to the high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are extremely precious in cell renewal processes.

2.1 REVOLUTION being a bi-phase formulation product, it must be ACTIVATED by shaking well before EACH USE. Spray the product about 20 cm away, on the part to be treated, according to the length and consistency of the hair. Then proceed with brushing and combing where necessary until the total removal of the knots. Makes the rebellious hair docile to brushing.

For use on both dry and wet hair:

BEFORE WASHING: on subjects with particularly felted hair, where combing is particularly difficult, spray 2.1 REVOLUTION at a distance of about 20 cm (if necessary, it is possible to spray directly on the critical hair portions), comb carefully and then proceed with normal washing.
AFTER WASHING: if during drying, knots are noticed on the dog's coat, spray 2.1 REVOLUTION at a distance of about 20 cm while the hair is still wet to facilitate brushing.
ON DRY HAIR: spray 2.1 REVOLUTION at a distance of about 20 cm, brushing until completely absorbed to obtain a polishing effect and to make the hair soft.

2.1 REVOLUTION being composed of Quaternised Cellulose is excellent as an ANTISTATIC for all types of smooth hair, moreover, its strong detangling power makes even those subjects who do not willingly accept brushing, perhaps daily, docile to the brush.

Urban Dog 2.1 Revolution High Detangling Spray 100ml

SKU: 8055348064506
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