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  • COAT MAINTENANCE: This unique easy-rinse and fast-drying formula reduces bathing and drying time while also providing coat hydration and nourishment. This formula also improves the elasticity of hair strands, reducing breakage.
  • NOURISHMENT & SHINE: Our dog and cat conditioner will revitalize your pet’s fur, leaving it hydrated. It has salon-grade ingredients—like coconut-water extract, sweet almond oil, and a lipoprotein complex—to moisturize the skin and coat.
  • USAGE & APPLICATION: Pour 20 grams of conditioner into mixing bowl, filling about halfway. Add 10–20 drops of Hydra Bliss Invigorating Booster and mix thoroughly. Apply mixture to coat and massage through. Let it rest for 60–90 seconds and then rinse.
  • SENSES BLISS: Stimulate the senses and provide nourishment and recovery to any coat type. Enjoy the touchable softness, enhanced shine, and long-lasting coconut fragrance of this unique product line. Shine bright with Hydra.
  • SAFETY FIRST: Our private facilities manufacture and test during every step of production. We source the safest, most effective ingredients and quality-test products before they leave our facilities. Feel assured that your pet is using only the best.

Hydra Senses Bliss Conditioner 1000ml

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